CCNA Training

CCNA Training Boot camp at ISOL

Come and discover world class Cisco CCNA training boot camp taught by expert Cisco trainers which will prepare you well for the Cisco CCNA exam and lead to a Cisco CCNA certification, making your very first step into the world of Cisco certification! The Cisco certification for CCNA is also one of the most prestigious titles to add in your networking career.

The terrain of Thailand is inviting technophiles across the globe for the most engaging Cisco course in CCNA at ISOL. CCNA training at ISOL stands out for the quality it endures. The professionals at Internetwork Solutions will guide you and brace you up throughout your CCNA course Training for the final CCNA examination.

The Cisco certification of CCNA gives a rising curve to your IT career graph. Also CCNA training boot camp is the most promising and highly regarded entry level Cisco course in the networking industry and in the Cisco learning network. The CCNA Certification is a perfect head start for the people who want to build a future in computer networking. CCNA course training is start of a promising journey – The Cisco CCNA Certification is a pre-requisite to the Cisco CCNP certification, which forms a base for the coveted CCIE certification, widely regarded by the networking industry as the PDH of networking.

CCNA certification helps students to gain ground in installation, operation of medium size route and switches with the definitive test and its implementation to remote sites in a WAN. The model of the CCNA training boot camp is engineered to mitigate the security threats, to learn terminology and concept of wireless networking.

CCNA boot camp at ISOL has formulated resourceful technique stemmed with practical knowledge to give firsthand experience of the learned concepts. The CCNA labs are multifaceted constituting the overall objective of the Cisco CCNA exam. It is a week program that strives to procure the best result. Also CCNA training boot camp ensures you enroot a key position in your networking career.

Eligibility for the CCNA Training boot camp

Basic computer education

Basic knowledge of networking

CCNA training boot camp Details:

The CCNA course is drafted systematically grade by grade. It starts with the introduction to network, then to communications using TCP / IP subsequently leading to the introduction of switchers and routers. The introduction of Layer 3 devices leads to the use of WANs and routing to connect the site to the Internet and corporate sites.

The essence of the CCNA training boot camp is as follow:

A small network is defined as 1 to 20 hosts connected to a single switch, with the switch running a single VLAN (VLAN1). The switch is also connected to a router providing a routed link (Routing Information Protocol [RIP] and default) to work up internet and corporate office.

CCNA Boot Camp Objective

  • Basic functioning of network, learning major components, role of network component
  • Concept relevant to increase in traffic on Ethernet LAN identify switched LAN technology solutions to Ethernet networking issues
  • Methods that can be devised to extend the reach of LAN, putting more emphasis on RF wireless access
  • Explore the functioning and working of routers, analyzing the process of transmitting the data through networking using TCP
  • Learning the nitty-gritty of WAN , AAT and RIP routing

The longest journey starts with the single step, so get off to a good start with CCNA certification! Hit your stride and make the best out of CCNA course training at ISOL. Discover why our students take CCNA boot camp training in Thailand instead of CCNA boot camps anywhere else in the world.

Adam Harley offers course feedback after attending the CCNA course @ Internetwork Solutions.