CCIE Security Training

CCIE Security Training Bootcamp Course

Complete Training for the Cisco CCIE Security Lab Exam

Get 100% prepared for the CCIE Security Lab exam. The only course in the world that takes you to a point where you can directly take the CCIE Security Lab exam right after training completion!

Reserve your place for the premium course in CCIE security networking at ISOL Thailand. ISOL lends you a complete CCIE security training that would enable you to take CCIE lab exam right after the completion of course.

The quest for greater knowledge continues with CCIE security training boot camp. CCIE security training serves as a benchmark in your networking career. It thrives to be the best course in security networking maximizing the knowledge of security protocols and components, as well as IP and IP routing.

The 2 weeks study gives the big picture of CCIE Security Exam (Lab Exam) and we completely cover the CCIE Security Lab blueprint in these 2 weeks.It is recommended for the technocrats who cannot take off from their work for more than 2 weeks and who wish to form a strong base on which they can subsequently practice by themselves to be ready for the CCIE Security lab exam.

In contrast, the 8 weeks is a full blown course that includes complete training + exam preparation. The first 2 weeks is common with our shorter 2 weeks course and in the next 6 weeks, we get you completely ready for the CCIE Sec Lab Exam.

The key point behind CCIE security training is to cover the entire Cisco CCIE Security Lab Exam Blueprint v3.0. Although the program calls for individual practice, we extend our help to the participants in their hour of need. The dedicated trainers at ISOL give their best support to the participant to excel in CISCO security lab exam.
CCIE security training is categorized as CCIE security 2 weeks Training Boot camp & CCIE Security Training Plus: The 8 weeks CCIE training boot camp. CCIE Security Training boot camp (2 weeks CCIE Sec course) forms first 2 weeks of our CCIE Security Training Plus (8 weeks CCIE Sec course).

The first 2 weeks of the CCIE Security Course is well integrated with concept learning and lab practice. The concepts will be explained and the labs associated techniques will be taught to you in these 2 weeks. This will be an intensive phase where your training will be 6 days / week for 10 hours / day.

Implement secure networks using Cisco ASA Firewalls (2 Days)

  •  Perform basic firewall Initialization
  •  Configure device management and address translation (nat, global, static)
  • Configure ACLs, IP routing, object groups, VLANs, failover
  • Configure security contexts (virtual firewall) and Modular Policy Framework
  • Configure Application-Aware Inspection, QoS policies

Implement secure networks using Cisco IOS Firewalls (2 Days)

  •  Configure CBAC, Zone-Based Firewall
  •  Configure Audit, Auth Proxy,PAM
  •  Configure access control, performance tuning
  • Configure advanced IOS Firewall features

Implement secure networks using Cisco VPN solutions (2 Days)

  • Configure IPsec LAN-to-LAN (IOS/ASA), SSL VPN (IOS/ASA)
  • Configure Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN)
  • Configure Group Encrypted Transport (GET) VPN
  • Configure Easy VPN (IOS/ASA)
  • Configure CA (PKI) , Remote Access VPN, Cisco Unity Client
  • Configure Clientless WebVPN ,AnyConnect VPN
  • Configure XAuth, Split-Tunnel, RRI, NAT-T
  • Configure High Availability, QoS for VPN
  • Configure GRE, MGRE, L2TP and advanced Cisco VPN features
  • Configure Cisco IPS to mitigate network threats (2 Days)
  • Configure IPS 4200 Series Sensor Appliance
  • Initialize the Sensor Appliance
  • Configure Sensor Appliance management and virtual Sensors on the Sensor Appliance
  • Configure security policies and inline monitoring on the Sensor Appliance.
  • Configure and tune signatures on the Sensor Appliance, custom signatures on the Sensor Appliance.
  • Configure blocking on the Sensor Appliance and TCP resets on the Sensor Appliance
  • Configure rate limiting on the Sensor Appliance, signature engines on the Sensor Appliance
  • Use IDM to configure the Sensor Appliance event action on the Sensor Appliance
  • Configure event monitoring on the Sensor Appliance
  • Configure advanced features on the Sensor Appliance
  • Configure and tune Cisco IOS IPS

Implement Identity Management (1/2 Day)

  • Configure RADIUS and TACACS+ security protocols, LDAP
  • Configure Cisco Secure ACS, certificate-based authentication
  • Configure proxy authentication, 802.1x, advanced identity management features
  • Configure Cisco NAC Framework

Implement Control Plane and Management Plane Security (1/2 Day)

  • Implement routing plane security features (protocol authentication, route Filtering)
  • Configure Control Plane Policing, CP protection and management protection
  • Configure broadcast control and switch port security
  • Configure additional CPU protection mechanisms (options drop, logging interval)
  • Disable unnecessary services
  • Control device access (Telnet, HTTP, SSH, Privilege levels)
  • Configure SNMP, Syslog, AAA, NTP
  • Configure service authentication (FTP, Telnet, HTTP, other)
  • Configure RADIUS and TACACS+ security protocols, device management and security

Configure Advanced Security (1 Day)

  • Configure mitigation techniques to respond to network attacks
  • Configure packet marking techniques
  • Implement security RFCs (RFC1918/3330, RFC2827/3704)
  • Configure Black Hole and Sink Hole solutions
  • Configure RTBH filtering (Remote Triggered Black Hole)
  • Configure Traffic Filtering using Access-Lists, IOS NAT
  • Configure TCP Intercept, URPF
  • Configure CAR, NBAR, Net Flow
  • Configure Anti-Spoofing solutions, Policing
  • Capture and utilize packet captures
  • Configure Transit Traffic Control and Congestion Management
  • Configure Cisco Catalyst advanced security features

Identify and Mitigate Network Attacks (1 Day)

  •  Identify and protect against fragmentation attacks
  • Identify and protect against malicious IP option usage, network reconnaissance attacks
  • Identify and protect against IP spoofing attacks, MAC spoofing attacks
  • Identify and protect against ARP spoofing attacks, Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
  • Identify and protect against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks
  • Identify and protect against Man-in-the-Middle (MiM) attacks
  • Identify and protect against port redirection attacks, DHCP attacks, DNS attacks
  • Identify and protect against Smurf attacks, SYN attacks, and MAC Flooding attacks
  • P. Identify and protect against VLAN hopping attacks, various Layer2 and Layer3 attacks

The CCIE Security Training Plus: The 8 week CCIE training boot camp: Weeks 3-8
The next 6 weeks turns out to important phase of CCIE security training as it stresses on CCIE Lab exam preparation. This will give you a knack of solving complex full day labs. During these 6 weeks, for 8 hours / day X 5 days / week our CCIE Security trainer will work with you.

The rigorous schedule for 6 weeks will prepare you for the exam.
Following is the agenda that would be worked out for 6 weeks:

Helping you to build the ability required for full day CCIE security Lab within the allotted time to get firsthand experience of CCIE security lab exam.

Mock lab session with our experience trainers will help you to gauge the level of preparation.

Full day practice session with trainers will help you to identify your weakness and will help you to develop plan to overcome your weak areas.

Preparing you 100% for CCIE lab exam.

Crown your career with CCIE security training. Success is now in store for you. Actualize your dream with ISOL because it has all that you need to be an “accomplished and expert network security professional”.